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What you need to know about debt collection. For many New Zealanders, there can be limited knowledge about the debt collection process...

For many New Zealanders, there can be limited knowledge about the debt collection process and how to resolve financial issues – something Baycorp is looking to turn around.

Baycorp New Zealand general manager Donna Cooper, who recently featured on an episode of Fair Go on 20 May, says Baycorp is in the business of resolving debt for clients and their customers - finding solutions that work, rather than trying to exacerbate what is often an already stressful situation.

“In New Zealand 97% of businesses have less than 20 employees and Baycorp is proud to help them resolve debt, providing more time for businesses to focus on their products and services.

“It’s important to us that we dispel the myth of debt collection being about big men in burly coats. We are in the business of debt resolution – helping our clients and customers to become free of debt.”

She says education around how debt collection works, what is involved – including how a debt ends up with Baycorp, how to avoid having a debt referred to Baycorp in the first place, and how Baycorp can help people become free of debt, are important parts of financial literacy.

“We believe that most of the time, people do want to pay their debts but in reality, things happen. We understand that things don’t always go to plan and that every customer’s situation is unique. Our staff work hard to find solutions that work.

“If there is a problem, or you think you may have a debt, we urge people to contact us immediately. We’re committed to helping people with their debt, whether they owe or are owed money.”

Ms Cooper says by dispelling the myths around Baycorp and debt collection, people can feel empowered to do something about their situation.

“If there’s one thing we would like to help Kiwis understand, it’s that Baycorp is here to help. The company has been through a number of changes over the past 18 months in an effort to connect with New Zealand businesses and their customers.”

Baycorp has a long history in New Zealand with the company origins stemming from small start up businesses in Wellington and Rotorua in the 1950s. Today, Baycorp is a trans-Tasman business with sites in Auckland, Sydney and Perth, as well as an operations centre in Manila.

In the past 18 months, Baycorp has been focused on the service it delivers of key developments with benefits for both clients and their customers. These include appointing a dedicated New ZealandGeneral Manager, Ms Cooper, significant investment in upgrades to online system and tools, an increased focus on client services, a new website and strengthened Vision, Mission and Values.

“Our focus is on people,  business and their customers, – and we continue to put a significant amount of work into making sure our processes, tools, values and staff are as skilled and focused as possible in order to deliver that Baycorp’s brand promise of helping resolve debt for everyday working New Zealand.”

For more information on Baycorp and how the debt resolution process works, click here


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About Baycorp:

Baycorp has a long history of debt resolution in New Zealand, stemming from small start-up businesses in Wellington and Rotorua in the 1950s. Today the company has sites in Auckland, Sydney and Perth, as well as an operations centre in Manila. There are also seven regional offices and a number of field agents and contractors around New Zealand. Baycorp provides a full debt management service, including credit reporting, legal and field services, data analytics and the most substantial and comprehensive database in Australasia.